Sustainable Tourism: The Role of Interpretation (2016)

Prof, Gianna Moscardo

Sustainable Tourism: The Role of Interpretation

8th and 9th March 2016;

Venue: Future Inn, Cardiff Bay


What did the conference cover?

The conference explored how interpretation can support sustainable tourism, particularly through delivering social and economic benefits, including encouraging local participation and engagement, promoting the understanding of local culture and values, supporting local businesses - all through the creation of high quality visitor experiences. We brought together practitioners from both the tourism and interpretation areas of activity to create more of a dialogue between them. As well as the view from government and agencies, speakers provided critical perspectives, alternatives and case studies from within Wales and from across the globe.


Speakers included Prof. Gianna Mascardo - a Professor in the College of Business Law and Governance at James Cook University teaching sustainable tourism strategy.  Prior to joining JCU Gianna was the Tourism Research project leader for the CRC Reef Research for eight years with responsibility for research evaluating interpretation as a visitor management strategy at heritage sites.  She has been involved in a number of interpretation design and evaluation projects and a keynote speaker at several conferences including Australian and New Zealand Interpretation conferences and the 2014 Interpret Europe meeting.